Poochie Poo Pickup

Terms of Service


Poochie Poo Pickup cannot guarantee service times due to uncertain weather conditions. We will always advise you if there are any changes to service time.

Service dates that fall on a statutory holiday, may be performed the day of, the day before or the day after the holiday.

You expressly understand and agree that Poochie Poo Pickup shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages whatsoever.

Ordering the service you understand that we may send you communications via electronic mail. You will have the opportunity to opt-out of receiving electronic mail from us by sending us an electronic mail requesting to opt-out.

Providing service information with a lower number of dogs than actually use the yard may result in suspension or termination of service without refund. Your rate will be automatically increased to the number of dogs found in your yard/home on a consistent basis, without notice. It is your responsibility to inform Poochie Poo Pickup of the accurate number of dogs using your yard on a regular basis.

Poochie Poo Pickup, has the right to refuse / suspend or terminate your service for any reason, at any time.

Access to Property

Ordering residential service / commercial services, you are agreeing to allow Poochie Poo Pickup clear and free access to the designated yard or kennel areas of your property on the designated service date. If Poochie Poo Pickup is not allowed access to your property for whatever reason, the service will be recorded as completed and is deemed chargeable. You will be informed of the reason access to your property was prevented.

Poochie Poo Pickup will not be held liable for damaged property such as fences, gates, sidewalks, etc. Poochie Poo Pickup will respect your property, will not damage your property and will insure all gates are closed upon exiting your yard.

If your dog(s) are in your yard on your service day Poochie Poo Pickup will make all reasonable attempts to keep your dog on premise. However if circumstances arise (aggression, etc.), Poochie Poo Pickup cannot be held liable for dog escapes. This can be avoided by leaving your dog indoors or making other arrangements prior to your service day.

Cancellation & Termination of Service

You can terminate your service at any time providing we have receive notice within 48-hrs. prior to your designated service day. For your convenience, you can skip your (monthly, weekly, etc.) service due to holidays, etc. with 48-hrs. prior notice. Service will automatically resume upon your return.

There will not be any charge/fee when service resumes as long as your dog(s) have not been using the yard. If your dog has been using the yard, a charge may be applicable based on the one-time clean-up charges.

Payment Terms

All service is invoiced on a monthly basis, in advance.

New customers are billed for the current month (based on frequency) with payment due before service.

Payment for weekly service is invoiced one (1) month in advance on the fifteenth (15th) of the month and is due by the first (1st) of the month. If payment is not received by the due date, your service will be suspended until payment is made.

Spring clean-ups and one-time cleans payments are due in advance, once we have received payment we will schedule your service.

All rates are subject to the Federal 13% H.S.T.